Confession of Shopaholic

This entry so random.

2 tahun lepas, I tengok Confession of Shoppaholic di cinema. The story sangat awesome. I suka gila watak REBECCA BLOOMWOOD.  Then, I decide beli DVD malangnya movie belum habis kat cinema so agak lambat lah nak keluar DVD. I beli cetak rompak punya.  Tapi tak puas sebab tahu jelah cetak rompak kan gambar entah apa-apa.

3,4 bulan lepas tu baru keluar DVD. I beli satu.  Haizi kata "Boleh tak tukar cerita lain?" Haha.  So, I kata kat Haizi, "TAK BOLEH! I nak tengok jugak! Kalau nak tengok jugak beli TV lagi satu..!" Sanggop? Haha. Akhirnya dia mengalah.  Biarkan I bersama Rebecca Bloomwood. Hehe.  Tak jemu ok!

Then, keluar kat ASTRO.  I record and 24/7 I akan pasang cerita tu sampai I dah hafal ok!  Untuk I okey lah kot cerita tu but bila I suruh my sisters tengok sorang pun macam tak rasa best. Haha. Tak apa-tak apa. Apa yang penting I enjoy and seriusly tak jemu.

Kau tahan ke tiap-tiap malam balik kerja asik pasang Confession of Shopaholic tu? I tahan, Haizi je tak tahan. Haha. Tak tengok berita, tak tengok bola, tak tengok apa-apa lah!  So, beli TV baru. Haha. Letak kat bilik and tengok lah kau sorang-sorang! Seriusly, I tak keluar bilik pon. Sambil tengok movie, kunyak kerepek.  Tak senonoh sangat perangai. Haha. Bilikku, dapurku. Haha. 

Sampai lah I pindah ke rumah baru yang sekarang ni.  I dah start kurang tengok Confession of Shoppaholic ni.  Mungkin faktor dah boring, lupa and entah mana DVD dicampaknya. Lagi pulak once pindah ASTRO tukar Beyond katanya semua benda yang direkod telah hilang. Huaaa..); 

I beli DVD baru lagi.  So, I ada 3 Confession of Shoppaholic.  I rasa agak membazir untuk ada 3.  2 je lah sebab 2 original DVD and 1 cetak rompak. Anyone nak tengok? I kasi FREE je!

Plot :

Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) is a shopping addict who lives with her best friend Suze (Krysten Ritter). She works as a journalist for a gardening magazine but dreams to join the fashion magazine Alette. On the way to an interview with Alette, she buys a green scarf. Her credit card is declined, so Rebecca goes to a hot dog stand and offers to buy all the hot dogs with a check, if the seller gives her back change in cash, saying the scarf is to be a gift for her sick aunt. The hot dog vendor refuses but a man offers her $20.

When Rebecca arrives at the interview, she's told that the position has been filled. However, the receptionist tells her there is an open position with the magazine Successful Saving, explaining how getting a job at Successful Savings could eventually lead to a position at Alette magazine. Rebecca interviews with Luke Brandon (Hugh Dancy), the editor of Successful Savings and the man who just gave her the $20. She hides her scarf outside his office, but Luke's assistant comes into the office and gives it back to her. Rebecca knows the game is up and leaves.

That evening, drunk, she and Suze write letters to Alette and Successful Saving, but she mails each to the wrong magazine. Luke likes the letter she meant to send to Alette and hires her. Rather than completing a work assignment for a new column, Rebecca goes to a clothing sale. While inspecting a pair of cashmere gloves she has just purchased, she realizes it is not 100% cashmere and she has been duped. This gives her an idea for the column, which she writes under the name "The Girl in the Green Scarf" and is an instant success.

Rebecca later returns home to renewed confrontations with her debt collector, so Suze makes her attend Shopaholics Anonymous. The group leader, Miss Korch (Wendie Malick), forces Rebecca to donate all the clothes she just bought, including a bridesmaid's dress for Suze's wedding and a dress for a TV interview. After the meeting Rebecca can't afford to buy back both and buys back the interview dress. During the interview, Rebecca is accused of not paying her debts and loses her job. Suze is angry when she finds out that Rebecca lost the bridesmaid dress. Alette offers Rebecca a position at the magazine, but Rebecca declines. She sells most of her clothes to pay her debts, including the green scarf. Meanwhile, Luke starts a new company, Brandon Communications.

Rebecca's clothes sale makes it possible for her to pay her debts. Rebecca attends Suze's wedding after reclaiming her bridesmaid dress, and Suze forgives her. Rebecca and Luke reunite, and Luke returns the green scarf after revealing that the person who bought it at an auction was acting as his agent. Rebecca becomes romantically involved with Luke and starts working at his new company.



Anonymous said... [Reply to Comments]

i also had been stalked....

***by dog...

JANA CUN!! said... [Reply to Comments]


Shinnaz Ahmad Rasid said... [Reply to Comments]

Anon = Haizi. u lah tu kan stalked by dog..lalalalal~

Jana : apa yang untungnya?

eima said... [Reply to Comments]

kasi aku je la ... lalala hahaha

gitu seklai ko minat kan ..sampai hari2 tgk tatahan tu

s a l l y z a . s a i d said... [Reply to Comments]

ehh i suka okey cerita ni.. x jemu2 lagi.. asik ulang je tgk! heeeee

PutriesNoora said... [Reply to Comments]

kita nak kalau free!!!tak pernah tgk..selalu baca buku dia je....sekarang dah mini shophaholic...muvi xpernah tengok...bestnyaaaa...ngeeeee=D

nUR_rOsALiNdA said... [Reply to Comments]

Nak nak...I nak tgk!!~ Hehehehe~ :-)

Reena Kamarudin said... [Reply to Comments]

suka juga!!! suka sangat!!!!